Posted on 15/01/2009


So. Where do we… begin?

A mission statement is probably a good thing, a good starting point. What do I want to do with this? Where do I want this to go? First and foremost, I’m making this blog, to force myself writing down all the ideas I’m having.

What ideas? Ideas about games. Games I play. Games that use a TV / computer screen. Games that use the imagination.

My most recurrent subject will be player input, and how player input can influence the course of the game. Whenever I work out a setting or a scenario for RPG, it’s the most important aspect I’m caring about. Player input needs to be the top of the list. When player input doesn’t work, is constrained, hampered, or worst – devalued, playing a game tends to stop being fun. No matter how good a world I build, no matter how interesting the characters are that I come up with, no matter what incredible vistas, situations or scenes I think up, that all doesn’t matter if I botch the game-aspect, the interactivity of the medium, everything that works as player input.

The other reason I’m doing this blog is to put all the random thoughts I have when playing games into a better readably, better structured and thought through form, than for example a forum post.

So welcome to my head.

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