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Calling the Bluff – Demon’s Souls’ Conspiracy Unmasked

February 3, 2011


This entry may or may not be written in a somewhat ironic voice. I called the bluff. People are lying to each other big time on the Internet. And in the gaming press. It’s a shame really. Why do people resort to this? Must have something to do with male bragging. Hurrhurrhurr this chili is […]

Slicing it up – Scares in Dead Space

February 1, 2011


Finding movies that scare you is pretty easy. For one, the viewer is always in the role of the helpless onlooker, doomed to yell at the screen at best, unable to react to whatever horrific situations may unfold. Finding a game that scares you in a similar way usually is a lot harder. For one, […]

Faith and Nostalgia – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

January 15, 2011


Of course he needed to be a Scotsman. One with a thick set accent. Only a Scotsman would fit into this game as protagonist. Spanish developer mercurysteam bring with them a lot of distinctly European heritage. The game’s environments look and feel a lot more authentic than anything American or – worse – Japanese developers […]

Beware the horns and split hooves – Games of the Year 2010

December 10, 2010


The outgoing year was a strange one for gaming. The first months of 2010 were riddled with ludicrously high profile releases, that had fled the launch window of late 2009 which had been so intimidatingly occupied by Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Think about the Future

December 9, 2010


So, Electronic Arts’ Label boss Frank Gibeau declares single player experience dead in an interview given to Develop. First of all, does he really? Let’s look at that piece of quote that’s floating around the gaming news sites these hours: “I volunteer you to speak to EA’s studio heads; they’ll tell you the same thing. […]

Been there, done that.

September 10, 2010


Gaming is a curious hobby. Ever since it’s move into MTV advertised audiences, rapidly exploding production costs and the ever fastening move into the mainstream-stream of mainstream media it seems the number of games that are just like some other game that came before – but with a little twist, addition, tweak or just a […]

Gaming Morality

August 31, 2010


The recent “in-thing” for any modern game to have seems to be a mechanic that measures how good or bad a player is behaving. Be it a moral meter, a “karma system”, honor-meter or whatever else this kind of contraption is called, the player’s actions are being measured to be either good or bad. Very […]