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The “Among Thieves” Effect – On Sequels and Franchises in Gaming and Movies

February 10, 2011


Sequels are a phenomenon of popular culture. It’s something everybody loves to hate. They’re unnecessary–just another piece of proof that capitalism is destroying art in all its forms, turning it into derivative, unimaginative, uncreative, food for the masses. Carbon copies of the so-called “tried and true” ideas which a studio or publisher believes it can […]

The Wild West is a Minigamitis Hot Zone

August 7, 2010


Rockstar’s latest masterpiece suffers from a disease a lot of current games have contracted. Minigamitis. Essential parts of the game are handled via elaborate subsystems that exist outside of the gameplay structure of the main game. These subsystes bring various problems to the table, especially the dueling minigame. The dueling minigame slows down time with […]