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Calling all Psychics – Crystal Balls and LA Noire

June 17, 2011


LA Noire, developed by the Australian Team Bondi in cooperation with Rockstar is a strange and oftentimes very disappointing beast. It’s a pretty game. It features a huge, seemingly open game world, filled to the brim with detail. A finely recreated version of 1940s Los Angeles. It’s a big surprise that an AAA title like […]

The Empty City – And Other Tragic Stories

March 15, 2011


Initially, my reactions to the incredibly detailed rendition of 1940s and 50s America in Mafia II was overwhelmingly good. The game world of Empire Bay – the ersatz New York City – is stunningly beautiful to behold, the amount of little details worked into it astounding, the vistas breathtaking. The overall sense of place and […]

Showing true colors in black & white – Splinter Cell Conviction Single Player Review

June 17, 2010


Ubisoft is trying to reinvent the sneaking genre with Splinter Cell: Conviction, the fifth part in the series so far. Taking hints from the stealth gameplay mechanics implementated in Chronicles of Riddick and Batman: Arkham Asylum, this installment tries hard coming up with a fresh approach to lurking-in-shadows. It’s the Riddick-games Conviction borrows it’s new […]